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The largest battery energy storage system in Switzerland

Switzerland’s Largest Battery Storage System Installed

New storage system to contribute to the stability of continental Europe’s power grid.

NEC Energy Solutions (NEC) has completed the installation of the largest battery energy storage system in Switzerland. The 18-MW, 7.5-MWh GSS (Grid Storage Solution) system is owned and operated by one of Switzerland’s largest power distribution companies, EKZ (Elektrizitätswerke des Kantons Zürich). The energy storage system is being used for primary frequency reserve.

“Battery storage is a vital part of future energy supply,” said EKZ storage specialist, Marina González Vayá. “The now completed storage system contributes to the stability of continental Europe’s power grid.”

The new 18-MW energy storage system is located at an existing substation in Volketswil, near Zurich. It can power the equivalent of the daily electricity consumption of 600 average four-person households. While mostly used for primary frequency reserve to stabilize grid frequency in response to frequency deviations, the system could also be used for other ancillary services and is expected to have a payback of 5-7 years.

“We are excited to deliver the largest energy storage project in Switzerland,” said Steve Fludder, CEO of NEC Energy Solutions. “As countries modernize their power grids across the world, NEC's storage solutions enable the transformation to a cleaner, more renewable and more digital electric power system of the future. We value the confidence and trust which EKZ has placed in us.”

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