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Company Produces Face Masks to Safeguard Workers

May 1, 2020
Utilities can purchase bulk orders of face masks to protect their linemen as they work in the field as essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Essential businesses like utility companies are going through daily challenges due to COVID-19. As essential workers, linemen must go out in the field on a daily basis, yet companies are scrambling to find adequate protection for their employees, according to NxTSTOP, an apparel company. 

Established in 2019, the company provides eco-friendly and functional apparel for men and women who travel. When the health crisis hit, NxTSTOP shifted its entire operation to provide assistance to workers needing face masks.

The company began to produce en masse a new Traveleisure™ bamboo cloth face mask for adults and children. Compared to the standard cotton cloth face masks, bamboo cloth face masks are said to be much stronger, softer and more breathable. They are also much more odor-resistant so the mask will stay much more hygienic over long use. Further, bamboo is also one of the eco-friendliest materials on Earth.  

Here are some of the features of the face masks, which come in either black or blue and can be customized. Note the masks are not a medical device to be worn for medical purposes, but do provide protection. 

 Eco-Friendly Layering Over Mouth and Nose 

  • Dual-layer
  • Tight-knit outer construction
  • An additional layer to cover from the transmission of small particles or droplets in the air from landing in or being inhaled through the mouth or nose
  • Bamboo or cotton options are biodegradable


  • Breathability plus soft feel against the face
  • Stretchy ear loops with stopper to ensure tightness on any size face
  • Adjustable wire nose fitting to ensure tight seal and comfort over long periods


  • Small, foldable, and wrinkle-resistant
  • This face mask can be used anywhere.

NxSTOP is able to fulfill bulk orders for the masks due to global supply chain connections. Lead times depend on quantities and material availability, but delivery is expedited for bulk orders. For example, 1,000 masks are delivered within five to seven business days after the order has been submitted. The lead time for delivery for 10,000 masks is six to eight business days and for 100,000 masks is 11 to 14 business days. 

For more information, visit the Web site for NxTSTOP.

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