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April 29, 2016
Knowledge is what helps you make informed decisions about day-to-day and strategic operations.

Knowledge is what helps you make informed decisions about day-to-day and strategic operations. Doble and our family of companies offer a range of diagnostic products and services that give you the knowledge and tools you need to gather critical data, streamline processes and optimize system performance – from the field through the office.

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Field Force Automation
Doble’s Field Force Automation solution makes it easy for you to adapt to NERC CIP regulatory changes through a combination of rugged controllers, testing software, custom engineering and data management processes. The goal is to make sure that your test controllers are compliant and data is secure – all while making it easier for crews to focus on testing.

In-Service Testing & Assessment
Choose from our portfolio of tools for in-service testing and assessment. Our newest tool is the EMI Surveyor, which identifies electrical and mechanical defects in generators, motors, bus ducts & other high-voltage power plant equipment, giving you time to plan a course of action for further testing or maintenance.

On-Line Monitoring for Transformers
The doblePRIME Condition Monitoring Platform gives you a clear, consolidated means to assess overall transformer condition. doblePRIME is a scalable, on-line monitoring solution that can be as simple as one diagnostic device, such as the doblePRIME Delphi Mini for dissolved gas analysis (DGA). It can also be a robust system for monitoring and analyzing oil status, tap changer condition, bushing health, while integrating all types of diagnostic indicators, IEDs and sensor data.

Protection Testing & Data Management
Doble and ENOSERV help power companies meet the challenges of relay testing in today’s time sensitive regulatory environment with protective relay testing hardware, software & data collection management solutions.

Asset Risk Management
dobleARMS™ is an asset risk management system powered by a sophisticated suite of analytical tools infused with Doble’s expertise in asset life-cycle and associated risks. It pulls in on-line and off-line data sources, comparative data, advanced analytics and consideration of risk factors like load, cost and customers interrupted. It turns thousands of individual data points into actionable information.

Consulting & Testing Services
You can trust Doble’s expert consulting, condition assessment and laboratory services for unbiased diagnosis and assessment of critical assets. Let our experienced team of engineers and chemists help support you with transformer design reviews, laboratory diagnostics and routine or advanced field testing services.

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