Tdworld 4604 Relaysimtest Press Release 1

Distributed Protection Testing Demo

March 31, 2016
Go by booth #4108 for more information and product demos.

OMICRON´s new RelaySimTest software allows CMC test set users to easily perform simulation-based relay tests independent of the relay type, manufacturer and detailed parameters. For end-to-end testing in the field, even multiple CMCs can be controlled from one PC, using a standard Internet connection. This considerably simplifies distributed testing of systems such as teleprotection or line differential protection. The time synchronization of the devices is conducted by the flexible PTP grandmaster clock CMGPS 588.

With RelaySimTest, distributed tests can be performed in the same way as single-end shots.

The required injection signals are calculated for all ends automatically, making troubleshooting of the network very efficient. Comprehensive reports can be generated in a single place over the whole test, covering all relays. Furthermore, RelaySimTest simulates relay-controlled breaker operations. With iterative closed-loop simulation, the testing of auto-recloser functions is possible even in distributed protection systems.

RelaySimTest is also an effective solution for challenging testing tasks including power swings, transient ground faults, capacitive line phenomena as well as complex teleprotection and adaptive protection schemes. The software is capable of simulating steady-state values and transient signals even without a CMC connected.

Go by booth #4108 for more information and product demos.

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