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IEEE PES T&D Conference & Expo Wrap-Up

April 18, 2014
More than 13,500 people attended this year's event, visiting more than 780 exhibitors.

Now the 2014 IEEE T&D Conference and Expo goes into the record books on this 50-year anniversary. What we learned and experienced will stay with us indefinitely, however.

As the baby boomers start to take their leave, we see a flood of young engineers coming into the industry, bringing with them new ideas and new vigor. And so, too, are the companies bringing insights, ideas and equipment. There were more than 780 exhibitors this year, ranging from the global behemoths like ABB, Siemens, Alstom and GE to the young startups coming to the show for the first time. Did you also take note of the presence of South Korean and Chinese companies? What can we say? It is a global marketplace with both startups and legacy vendors in abundance.

The turnout here in Chicago was huge. I heard that the attendance topped 13,500. This town just works for shows.

Burns & McDonnell told us that they brought 75 people to the show. And that is not uncommon. You almost have to bring a contingent to get the most out of this event. This was a great place to share, to learn, to play and to meet and greet. One could simply not get to all the sights and sounds available.

The editors here at T&D World did our best to bring the show experience to you starting from the ride in from the airport to that last hour on the show floor. Emily Saarela, our managing editor, tells me that the super session on cyber security on the last day was standing-room only. Bravo, speakers!

I enjoyed my evening at the museum with the dinosaurs (no - not my friends). You see, Sue, the local T-Rex was front and center at the G&W hosted evening at the Chicago Field Museum. Likewise Black and Veatch and Schneider held events, as did many others. And hospitality suites did abound.

The T&D World editors were proud to bring you our pre-show coverage in T&D World magazine; as well as  preshow, live, and post-show e-newsletter coverage. And how about all those tweets (I got to write some corny captions) sent out? (See #PES14TDW and #TandD2014). We are also providing Facebook and LinkedIn coverage. And now it is time to say farewell from sunny, then cold, then snowy, then windy Chicago. Until we meet again  in person or on line…..

Rick Bush
Editorial Director
Transmission & Distribution World

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