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Automatic Circuit Recloser

March 17, 2014
NOJA Power has released its 300 series single triple Automatic Circuit Recloser.

NOJA Power has released its 300 series single triple Automatic Circuit Recloser. The 300 series single triple product is based on the OSM38 single pole ACR combined with the comprehensively re-engineered RC10 controller to meet the specific demands of the U.S. electricity distribution sector. Units from NOJA Power's OSM range of medium-voltage (15, 27 and 38 kV) ACRs have been installed by utilities in over 80 countries around the world but the existing range is primarily designed for three-phase protection.

The 300 series single triple ACR comprises three OSM38 single pole ACRs––normally used singly to protect single wire earth return (SWER) distribution lines used to service remote rural areas––mounted on a single bracket. The product offers coordinated individual ACR protection of each phase in the U.S. four-wire system all mounted on a single platform for simplified installation. The OSM38 single pole ACR features a rated maximum system voltage of 38 kV and a rated continuous current of 800 A. Peak fault make capacity (RMS) is 12.5 kA and maximum impulse across the interrupter is 170 kV. Voltage can be measured on each bushing and current is measured on each phase of the ACR using capacitively coupled voltage sensors and current transformers. The ACR’s voltage and current measurement eliminates the need for additional measurement equipment, decreasing costs and reducing the amount of pole-mounting space required.

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