Let's Move Forward: Vote Wanda for President

Sept. 27, 2016
Wanda is a wonder woman with energy that never flags. And while she travels around representing IEEE she will also be sharing her energy roots.

Let’s work together to move our technical association forward. Our own Wanda Reder, who previously served as president of the Power & Energy Society president is now running for president-elect of all of IEEE.

A good masochist is hard to find.

Wanda has been a Godsend for PES. Let’s now put Wanda in a position to help the greater IEEE. The PES is in really good shape but what about our greater IEEE society? Too many of our IEEE societies are losing not only their members but also their reason for being.

There has been quite a shift in what we need from our technical associations. Let’s face it. Industry doesn’t support our technical societies at the level they once did. Why? Partly because shareholders want a quicker return from their investment in technologies.

Wanda and, I am proud to say, all our recent PES presidents have worked really hard to move Power & Energy into the modern age creating niche events, webinars, linked-in-sites and the rest to help us focus on topics including smart grids. And they are also working hard to write open standards that enable us to connect distributed energy storage and storage to the grid.

And if you haven’t been to a general meeting lately, we are now a healthier society bringing attendees bigger picture understanding of the issues we face with an explosion of super sessions and panel sessions. While we are also brining our next generation practicing engineers pragmatic training courses.

We want Wanda to take this expertise developed in Power and Energy and to our greater IEEE family.

Of course, Wanda is a wonder woman with energy that never flags. And while she travels around representing IEEE she will also be sharing her energy roots.

Now is the time to cast your vote. The deadline to vote is Oct. 3. Check out Wanda’s marvelous skills and her track record at www.wandareder.com. Or just go with me on this and head straight to the IEEE election site. Wanda’s bio is right there. Actually it’s easy to vote on line. Here is the link.


Let’s get our Wanda Reder in the hot seat so she can burn more midnight oil working for us and our society.

Rick Bush
Strategic Director
T&D World

About the Author

Rick Bush | Editorial Director

Richard A. Bush is the editorial director of Transmission & Distribution World. Prior to joining T&D World as editor-in-chief in 1994, Bush worked at the Georgia Power Company Research Center (now NEETRAC) where he held engineering and management positions.

In June 1988, Bush received the Georgia Power "Engineer of the Year" award, and in 1994, he received the "Technology Applications Recognition" award from the Electric Power Research Institute. In 1996, he was awarded a Jesse H. Neal Certificate of Merit for editorial excellence.

Bush holds BSME and MSME degrees from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and he is a senior member of the IEEE.

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