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Dominique Alexander: Gatekeeper for Student Training

Nov. 3, 2016
Alexander has a background in non-profit services, which has translated well to her job at SOS Intl, a provider of training and compliance services to the power industry.

As an SOS Student Services Coordinator, Dominique Alexander's goal is to make sure the learning experience is a positive one for the student and training manager. She looks at her role as a bit of a gatekeeper to the industry.

"It’s more than running reports and registering for courses," Alexander said. "I try very hard to minimize any inconvenience to the students and the training managers. I strive to foster a solid, dependable relationship that enables students to trust the services we provide."

Alexander has a background in non-profit services, which has translated well to her job at SOS Intl, a provider of training and compliance services to the power industry. T&D World asked Alexander about her role in SOS Intl's Instructor Led Distance Learning Program along with other compliance programs:

Q: How does your current position and past experience help you in assisting students with training content?

In my current position as Student Services Coordinator, I register, deactivate, and extend training as needed to SOS’s students. I also serve as liaison between the client and SOS. Additionally, I provide information about products and services and assist students and Training Managers with reports.

My past experience working for a nonprofit organization, allowed me to interact with the general public quite a bit. So, I’m comfortable and enjoy being the first point of contact and dealing with various personalities. My job is to ensure our training helps the students and their experience with SOS is enjoyable.

Q: When and why did you decide to go into your particular career field?

I just celebrated my one-year work anniversary with SOS Intl. The energy industry is an entirely new field for me, as my background is in elementary education and nonprofits. I will always have a love for education, however, I wanted a career change. SOS has provided me with a wonderful challenge and has allowed me to expand my knowledge and skill set.

Q: Best thing about your job right now?

I love that everyone at SOS cares about the training we provide for students. We really take our tagline, “Reliability Matters” seriously, as we strive to produce consistent, quality products and services. I think it’s awesome to be able to work in an environment where our students are our main concern and their success is priority. I enjoy the everyday interaction with students too. I celebrate each time a student calls me to tell me they passed the NERC exam.

Q. What are you currently working on to help enhance and improve training for SOS’s students?

Currently, I assist with our Instructor Led Distance Learning Program. There are so many benefits to this new training option. Distance learning is economically practical because it offers reduced training expenses while allowing students the ability to interact with the instructors and be engaged with other students as well. During this training, students receive a traditional classroom experience from their own office. My role is to ensure SOS offers a distance learning experience that is seamless.

Q: What’s the most important thing you’ve learned in your past experience as a student services coordinator that you want to communicate to trainers, students or participants?

The SOS trainers and students all want the same outcome - student success! Every role counts toward this journey. I may not be in a classroom training, working in a control room, or out in the field, but I know that all of those roles play an integral part in the sustainability of the grid

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

When I’m not spending time with my family, friends, or dog, I’m an avid reader. I believe that reading is an extension of my career because I absolutely love learning new things.

Q: What do you see for the future of training?

I’m really looking forward to the future of distance learning and virtual education. It’s growing by leaps and bounds, and the possibilities are endless. I’m proud to be with a company that’s on the cutting edge of this new training opportunity.

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