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March 24, 2014

CG is a complete T&D solutions provider with products & services including distribution and power transformers, switchgear, surge arresters, automation controls and turnkey EPC services. CG will feature the following products at IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution 2014:


  • NEMA and IEC Premium Motors with either Aluminum or Cast Iron frames are suitable for VFD applications 10:1 VT and 5:1 CT. Motors are also suitable to hazardous location under Class 1, Div 2, Groups C & D, T3 as standard;
  • NEMA Design D Motors by CG are built to last in tough and demanding oil well pump applications; Large Low and Medium Voltage Motors and Generators by CG are designed and manufactured in state of the art manufacturing plants in Hungary and India for over a century.
  • CG MSF 2.0 SOFTSTARTERS: While traditional softstarters handle the most common start challenges, CG MSF 2.0 offers a lot more. Start and stop sequences are optimized. Advanced braking techniques increase productivity. Built-in monitor functionality protects your process from inefficiency, damage and downtime. Easy installation and set-up save time and money. In addition, the CG MSF is developed for selected applications, which means optimized functionality adapted to your specific needs.
  • CG M20 SHAFT POWER MONITOR: CG M20 shaft power monitor helps you save time and money. It protects your pumps and other equipment against damage and detects process inefficiency. Early warnings allow you to take preventive action. Unique features include measuring shaft power output and using the motor as a sensor. The result is reduced maintenance and installation costs, extended equipment lifetime and increased reliability.
  • CG FDU 2.0 DRIVES: CG FDU helps you save energy and draw maximum efficiency from your processes. CG FDU with modular concept allows cost optimization and is a perfect choice for tailor made requirements. CG FDU offers simplicity in its most advanced form which makes it easy to program and user friendly.
  • Modular Distribution Center: A modular distribution center (MDC) is a compact conventional substation typically placed directly in areas of load growth.  The current concept of a MDC substation consists of a small or medium power transformer. This concept includes enclosed or outside switchgear, such as fuses, load break switches, reclosers, circuit breakers, and protection and control devices such as surge arresters and control relays. With the ability to have its own auxiliary power feeding off a potential transformer, the solution reduces greatly the footprint of your commonly large, fenced in conventional substation, while providing the same functionality.
  • ZIV SAS: ZIV Protection & control IEDs; Automation solutions; PLC Communications and Global Engineering Services.
  • ZIV DAS: MV & Low voltage automation systems, smart meters, data concentrators, communication solutions and electrical vehicle charging stations.
  • TRANSIT: Automation systems for transit and water utilities

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