RMEL Foundation Awards 22 Scholarships

July 18, 2013
For the 2013-2014 academic year, the RMEL Foundation has awarded $66,000 in scholarships to 22 deserving students pursuing careers in the electric energy industry.

For the 2013-2014 academic year, the RMEL Foundation has awarded $66,000 in scholarships to 22 deserving students pursuing careers in the electric energy industry.  The RMEL Foundation Scholarship Selection Committee received over 400 well-qualified applications in 2013, more than ever before. With students applying from across the United States and pursuing many worthwhile degrees and careers in the electric energy industry it was very difficult for the committee to select the recipients out of such a high caliber pool of applicants.

Recipients were selected based upon their goals for their future in the industry, motivation, academic achievements and service to their community and school.

The following two students were awarded with RMEL Foundation craft scholarships.

Trevor Chaney is from Nebraska City, NE, and is an energy generation operations major at Southeast Community College in Milford, NE. After completing his degree, he plans to work for a utility in the Nebraska City area. He will intern for Nebraska City Utilities this summer, and he is really enjoying learning about the electric energy industry.

Gordon Needs is from Stapleton, NE, and he is working toward a utility line degree at Northeast Community College. Gordon helped Custer Public Power build 27 miles of a three-phase line last winter. He eventually plans to work full-time for a rural electric association after graduating.

This year, 15 students were chosen to receive RMEL Foundation baccalaureate scholarships.

Marshall Allen graduated from Summit High School in June. He is majoring in chemical engineering with an undecided second major at Oregon State University. He has had an internship at OnTo technology LLC and has researched lithium-ion batteries. Marshall would like to focus on energy storage and battery technology once he graduates.

Desiree Beardmore is from Grain Valley, MO and she is currently majoring in nuclear engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology. She has taken an internship at Arizona Public Service’s Palo Verde Nuclear Power Station this summer.  After graduation, Desiree hopes to develop more efficient methods and equipment for nuclear power generation.

Adam Crompton is attending the University of Arizona and majoring in management information systems. Adam interned at SRP’s IT department last summer and worked on their physical inventory. After graduation, he hopes to be hired fulltime by a utility company working in their IT department.

Samuel Evans is a senior at Steller Secondary in Anchorage, AK and will graduate in May. He will be attending the University of Alaska and major in mechanical and electrical engineering. Sam has gained an interest in designing renewable energy systems after assisting with the design and installation of a power system for his family’s home.

Devan Fitzpatrick will graduate from Sand Point High School in Sand Point, ID in May. She will then attend Oregon State University and major in environmental engineering. Devan hopes to show that sustainable green energy is an option as a future resource by using piezoelectric technology and increasing hydroelectricity.

Megan Gray is from Gillette, WY and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mining engineering at Montana Tech.  She will complete an internship this summer with Cloud Peak Energy.  Megan would like to continue working with coal as she believes coal fired plans become more efficient and better for the environment with each year and new technology.

Tara Henry is from Yuma, AZ and graduated from Gila Ridge High School in May.  She will then attend California Institute of Technology and major in mechanical engineering.  Tara would eventually like to obtain her doctorate in mechanical engineering to help her prepare for the ever changing electric world.

Patrick Keep will graduate from Columbus High School in Columbus, NE in May.  He will be attending Iowa State University and majoring in mechanical engineering.  He would also like to work toward a master’s degree in engineering mechanics or engineering management. Patrick’s long-term goal is to design and develop clean, environmentally friendly fuel sources for the generation of electricity.

Jacob Kuhlman is attending Kansas State University and working toward a chemical engineering degree. He would like to explore the production of hydrocarbons  or research the development of new renewable sources for energy production.  Through his father, Jacob has seen the possibilities of an electrical engineer and is excited about his future in energy.

Patrick Link is from Ouray, CO and graduated from Ouray High School in May.  He will be attending the Colorado School of Mines in the fall and major in electrical engineering.  Through San Miguel Power Association and its programs, Patrick has learned of the value the electric utility industry provides and how important it is.  He plans to be one of the best electrical engineers in the world.

Thomas Myres is attending the University of Iowa and studying electrical engineering.  He has interned at Duane Arnold Energy Center for the past two years and will return again this summer.  Thomas believes the U.S. should be building next generation power plants, and hopes to help contribute to the industry after graduating in May 2015.

Ruby Roll will graduate from Durango High School in Durango, CO in May.  She will then attend Lewis & Clark College and major in physics.  Ruby would like to find viable alternative electrical energy sources for the industry by learning how lighting works and how electrons interact with generators and power storage. 

Corbin Taylor is a junior at Wichita State University and will major in electrical engineering. He has shadowed electrical engineers at various power companies and has found the industry interesting.  Corbin believes power and energy are incredibly fundamental in the scope of electrical engineering, and would like to work for an electric power company upon graduation.

Myder Vang is from Saginaw, MI and is studying electrical engineering at Michigan Technological University.  She has interned with consumers Energy for four summers and plans to work with them upon graduation.  Myder would like to provide her community with affordable and reliable electric power and also reduce air pollution by transitioning the industry to wind power.

Morgan Zemaitis will graduate from Mallard Creek High School in Charlotte, NC in May.  She will then attend the University of North Carolina and study environmental science.  Morgan would like to study climate change, air quality deficiencies and natural resource issues to help the industry’s sustainability.

Two students received the RMEL Foundation Black & Veatch Foundation Scholarship.

Adam Metzger is from Rock Port, MO and is majoring in mechanical engineering, specializing in power production, at Kansas State University.  He worked as a Local Leak Rate Tester at NPPD’s Cooper Nuclear Station during a refuel outage, which was the “icing on the cake” for his decision to work in the industry.  Adam would like to work at a nuclear power plant, preferably back at Cooper.

Adam Pineau is from Easton, KS, and is currently pursuing a degree in electrical engineering at Wichita State University. While he was a senior in high school, he obtained his journeyman license from a technical college and had the chance to gain experience in the electric energy industry. He plans to eventually work on power grids and wants to help rebuild the power system.

The RMEL Foundation Ulteig Scholarship was awarded to Joshua Thomas.

Joshua is from Stilwell, KS, and is majoring in computer science at Dartmouth College. He would like to use his degree to use algorithms and programming to control demand and equalize the supply and demand requirements of the power grid.  After graduation, Joshua would like to transform the electric power industry by using alternative energy sources.

The RMEL Foundation Wärtsilä North America Scholarship was awarded to Daniel Smith.

Daniel will graduate from Newport High School in Bellevue, WA in June.  He will then attend Harvard University and major in a math or science degree. Daniel’s grandfather worked on the Big Horn Electrical Energy Committee and has inspired him to help improve the lives of the people around him by developing electrical capabilities and providing important services to the community.

The RMEL Foundation Zachry Holdings, Inc. Scholarship was awarded to Ryan Rickerson.

Ryan will graduate from Georgetown High School in Georgetown, TX in May.  In the fall, he will attend Texas A&M University and major in electrical engineering.  At age 12, Ryan built a working gas-powered scooter and knew he would pursue a career in engineering.  After graduation, Ryan would like to be an electrical engineer with hopes of becoming a managing EE or a company director.

Over the past 13 years the Foundation has awarded 139 scholarships totaling $306,500.  The RMEL Foundation is proud to award funding to these deserving students for continued education in the electric energy industry. The scholarship donations have been established through individual and corporate donations, as well as contributions from the Silent Auction, Spring Conference Golf Outing and the  RMEL/RMEL Foundation Golf Tournament.

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