TVA Electric Vehicle Survey: Consumer Expectations for Electric Vehicles Charging Station at EPRI. Photo courtesy of TVA.

TVA Electric Vehicle Survey: Consumer Expectations for Electric Vehicles

Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEV) are becoming increasingly available in the U.S. Two manufacturers (GM and Nissan) offer vehicles that are being advertised and promoted, heavily in some areas. The PEV is advancing rapidly from a concept or hypothetical travel mode to a viable option for new car buyers. The result is that consumers will take over the driver’s seat when it comes to adoption of PEVs and how they are used.

For that reason, EPRI has initiated research into how consumers perceive PEVs as an alternative to conventional gasoline powered vehicles. A PEV-based transportation economy alters the structure and operation of electric utilities such that they can play a pivotal role in the transformation process and become a key element in the provision of passenger vehicle services. Defining the character of a revamped electricity sector and the resulting challenges requires a full understanding of consumers’ wants, needs, and expectations for the role utilities play in providing transportation services to households...(Read more...)

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