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Texas Commission Approves Advanced Metering System

The Public Utility Commission of Texas has voted to approve Entergy Texas' advanced metering system.

“The PUCT’s approval will allow us to move forward with a landmark investment in new technology that will improve how we serve our customers,” said Sallie Rainer, Entergy Texas president and CEO. “This system will lay the foundation for grid modernization technologies that offer a wide range of benefits to our customers.”    

Upgrading to an advanced metering system has numerous benefits:

  • Customers can get timely and more detailed information, so they can better manage their energy usage, which can lead to energy reduction and potentially lower bills.
  • Entergy Texas will have a clearer real-time picture of the power grid and how it is operating. Outages can be identified remotely and more accurately, so crews can make repairs and restore electricity faster.
  • With better information, we can answer customers’ billing and service questions more quickly and effectively, improving customer service.
  • Utilities in Texas have installed advanced meters across the state, with approximately 7 million meters deployed. 

Entergy Texas will build and deploy the technology and communications infrastructure, and then install the meters needed to deliver this vision. By 2021, homes and businesses in the Entergy Texas service area will be part of a smarter energy future. Customers will see a charge on their bill starting in January, as Entergy Texas begins to deploy this advanced network.


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