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T&D World Minute with Rick Bush: EV2G

I routinely receive storage insights from think tanks, and the latest nugget I received is on the impact of EV2G in providing the ability to shift load and also dynamic stability response. As prosumers become more ubiquitous and as distribution utilities morph into independent distribution system operators I can easily envision myself working from home all day and allowing an aggregator to dump funds into an account for the opportunity to sell power into the grid from my EV. But the question I pose is this? Will selling into the grid affect my warranty? And here is another question. Will very deep discharges adversely affect battery life? We prosumers want to know, and hopefully before we make that purchase.

Oh, and I talked to my local utility and would have to pay to have a higher amperage circuit run to my home. What are you thinking? Let me know.

This is Rick Bush signing out with this T&D Minute thought for the day.


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