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Glendale Water & Power to Implement Grid Optimization System

Glendale Water & Power to Implement Grid Optimization System

California's Glendale Water & Power has signed a license agreement for the use of DVI's EDGE advanced grid optimization solution.

EDGE seamlessly integrates into a utility's existing IT infrastructure and can obtain voltage readings from the existing AMI system.  EDGE® optimizes the utilities' field devices by issuing commands over an existing wide area network to optimize the distribution system voltage.

EDGE works because it delivers grid-side energy efficiencies to both the utility and its customers by optimizing the distribution system voltage. Best of all, it doesn't require any behavioral changes or purchases by utility customers.

Glendale Water & Power was the first utility to sign the Department of Energy (DOE) grant to receive $20 million for their Smart Grid project. This project is supported by the DOE through GW&P's smart grid grant.

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