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Avista Utilities Files 2023 Electric Integrated Resource Plan

June 9, 2023
Plan outlines sustainable growth, GHG reduction, and community investments for the next two decades.

Avista Utilities, a division of Avista, has submitted its 2023 Electric Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) to the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission and the Idaho Public Utility Commission. The IRP outlines projected energy demand growth and necessary resources for the next two decades.

Following the 2021 IRP, Avista secured new energy supply contracts and planned upgrades to existing hydropower and biomass plants. This enables meeting customer energy needs until the mid-2030s.

Highlights from the 2023 IRP include:

  • Avista made resource acquisitions and divestitures, including Colstrip by end of 2025, marking significant portfolio changes.
  • The IRP aims for an 80% GHG reduction by 2045.
  • Long-duration storage is needed after 2035 to achieve 100% clean energy targets in Washington and serve customers during peak hours.
  • Avista established the Named Community Investment Fund (NCIF) to increase energy-related investments in disadvantaged communities, focusing on energy efficiency, renewables, and storage.
  • The energy forecast shows 0.85% annual growth, driven by higher EV forecasts and building electrification, surpassing the 2021 IRP’s 0.24% growth.

The IRP process involves research, analysis, and a balanced approach to meet customer needs, costs, risks, and environmental goals. Avista’s energy analysts and over 75 participants, including customers, environmental organizations, and officials, contribute to each plan.

Public participation meetings were held in March.

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