Florida Power & Light Company (FPL)
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FPL Gears Up for Active Hurricane Season with Annual Drill and Grid Upgrades

May 15, 2024
Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) conducts its annual storm drill, simulating a Category 4 hurricane, to fortify preparedness ahead of the 2024 hurricane season.

Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) is gearing up for the potentially active 2024 hurricane season with its annual storm drill, which this year is simulating a Category 4 hurricane scenario. This drill is part of FPL's ongoing efforts to ensure readiness and response capability.

FPL's Vice President of Power Delivery, Ed De Varona, emphasized the significance of the company's investments in grid enhancements and year-round preparation.

"Our investment in smart grid technology, with over 215,000 intelligent devices, has played a crucial role in preventing over 600,000 outages during recent hurricanes," De Varona stated.

He also highlighted the success of the Storm Secure Underground Program, which replaces overhead power lines with more resilient underground alternatives, performing up to 12 times better during severe weather.

Additionally, FPL's hardening measures, including reinforcing critical power lines and replacing transmission structures, have significantly strengthened the energy infrastructure. With over 76% of main lines now hardened or underground, the company is better equipped to handle the impact of severe weather events.

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