Western Power Re-Energizes Storm-Affected Transmission Feeder Line

Jan. 30, 2024
The engineers and crews installed 12, 32-meter-high steel poles along the 2.5 km work site in place of the five damaged towers.

Western Power announced re-energization of a 220 kV transmission feeder line into the Kalgoorlie-Boulder area of Australia following its rebuild in nine days after a storm hit the area on Jan. 17.

The storm destroyed five towers resulting in an interrupted power supply to the area and surroundings.
During the rebuild, power was supplied through a combination of Western Power network assets, Synergy’s back-up generator and a local privately owned generator.

According to Gair Landsborough, Western Power executive manager of Asset Management, the company's design and engineering teams developed a robust and resilient solution quickly and safely. They also started procuring materials focusing on alternatives in stock.

“Specialist crossarms to go on the towers had to be designed and fabricated, and all materials and equipment had to be transported out to site,” added Landsborough. “Logistically, this operation has required meticulous planning and execution from establishing temporary access roads to setting up on-site mobile facilities for our crews - every aspect has been thoughtfully managed to ensure continuous progress and energization of the line for the community.”

The engineers and crews conducted drilling into hard rock to secure new foundations and installed 12, 32-meter-high steel poles along the 2.5 km work site in place of the five damaged towers. Crossarms were fixed, conductor was strung, moved and clipped as required and additional earth wire was also strung before final checks and energization of the line. 

The effort was supported by the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder, a number of other agencies, contractors, suppliers and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES).

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