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PSE&G to Bolster Reliable Service to Hospitals During COVID-19

April 8, 2020
More than 100 special inspections of circuits that serve hospitals were completed in the PSE&G service territory.

Public Service Electric & Gas (PSE&G) is helping ensure hospitals have the power they need during the COVID-19 pandemic by increasing proactive inspections and maintenance of equipment that brings life-sustaining power supply to critical healthcare facilities throughout New Jersey. Recently, more than 100 special inspections of circuits that serve hospitals were completed in the PSE&G service territory. The utility also stands ready to supply power to field hospitals being planned to serve more New Jersey patients.

The PSE&G is carrying out its work according to safety protocols, including social distancing and proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE). During an inspection, a crew member physically patrols areas, carefully reviewing power lines, poles, cross-arms and other equipment, looking for potential problems that could cause power outages, such as stuck tree limbs. They also ensure problems are resolved, preventing potential outages.

"Providing reliable power to hospitals and other critical-care facilities in this time of need is of absolute importance to us and we're taking measures to safeguard their service," said Jack Bridges, the PSE&G's vice president for electric operations. "We're trying to do everything we can to support the doctors, nurses, EMTs, and all local heros who are risking their own lives to fight this pandemic. We also know that our customers are depending on us to keep their lights on and gas flowing during this difficult time."

The utility has also been working to make its electric infrastructure more resilient. From storm hardening upgrades to enhanced tree maintenance, the PSE&G's work allows the system to better withstand extreme weather and other threats. Modernizing the grid also enhances reliability for customers.

As warmer weather moves in, so do storm threats and the PSE&G recommends all customers to review their emergency plans with the impact of the coronavirus in mind. The utility is available to respond to electric and gas emergencies during the pandemic.

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