Greater voltage control


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A Short History: War of The Currents

Aug. 18, 2017
AC became the preferred method of power transmission throughout the world, but DC technology was never entirely forgotten

AMSC Launches Volt VAR Optimization for Distribution

June 26, 2017
D-VAR VVO optimizes power electric grids at the distribution level, providing the essential flexibility and responsiveness needed as electric grids evolve toward a distributed...
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Digital Innovations

Innovation Unlocks Grid Benefits

Nov. 22, 2016
Demonstration projects help PG&E integrate third-party assets into the grid.
Digital Innovations

Global T&D Infrastructure Investment to Reach $351bn Per Year by 2026

Aug. 31, 2016
Growing penetration of renewables will require large-scale T&D investment
Digital Innovations

S&C and Tantalus Join to Enable Grid Optimization for Munis and Coops

Feb. 25, 2016
TUNet communications approved for use in S&C’s IntelliCap 2000 Automatic Capacitor Controls