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Test and Measurement

Voltage Detectors Detect Strong Electric Fields Surrounding HV Conductors

June 5, 2018
HD Electric Co., a Textron Inc. company, has added the LOOKOUT Voltage Detection Network
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Test and Measurement

Anti-Islanding Alternatives for Distributed Generation Expansion

May 31, 2018
As utilities continue to refine approaches to DER integration, the application of DGP may represent a preferred approach to recloser blocking and DTT
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Utility Business

New Energy Sources Challenge Utilities to Innovate

May 31, 2018
Utilities must learn to lead in the new energy environment
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Smart Utility

Smart Utilities Enable Smart Cities

May 30, 2018
Electric utilities are part of the fabric of the communities they serve. No one knows city infrastructure better than the local electric utility. That puts them in a unique position...
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Energy Panel Meter Offers Cyber-Secured Configuration

May 22, 2018
This meter is a direct physical retrofit to the Nexus 1250/1252 meters and offers multiple advanced features
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Overhead Distribution

Composite Crossarm Adaptable to Various Situations

March 29, 2018
DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions presents Ultravex, the newest member of the overhead product line.
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Test and Measurement

Diagnostic Tool Monitors DC System

March 29, 2018
Hindle Power to display DC System Watchdog at IEEE PES T&D Expo
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Overhead Transmission

Company Manufactures Transmission Towers and Hardware

March 29, 2018
SARA Energy will be at Booth 622 at the IEEE PES T&D Expo
Smart Utility

Software Supports Business Operations by Access, Analysis of Data

March 27, 2018
AclaraONE is a next-generation SaaS solution that allows utilities to access and analyze data collected from meters