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Session 1: Dynamic Line Rating by Lindsey Manufacturing

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Duration: 60 Minutes

Lindsey Manufacturing Co. along with their partners at Idaho National Labs have developed and deployed a new Transmission Line Monitor (TLM) for EHV lines that uses onboard LiDAR to measure conductor ground clearance, and other sensors to measure conductor temperature, tilt, roll and conductor vibration. Data from the TLM is transmitted via mesh network radio to an end point computer. This data can be used to manage congestion problems on transmission lines. When combined with weather and line loading data, algorithms have been developed by Lindsey's partner, MWH, to calculate day ahead line capacity. These new forecasting tools will increase line capacities while continually monitoring the line to maintain compliance with NERC requirements. This webinar will present the results of this new TLM technology.

About The Series:

Welcome to the Advanced Technology Series of webinars by Burns & McDonnell. This year we will feature six progressive transmission line technologies that support the safe, reliable, efficient and compliant operation of HV and EHV transmission lines. The webinars will include:

  • Session 1 - January - Dynamic Line Rating by Lindsey Manufacturing
  • Session 2 - March- Smart Wire Grid on Distributed FACTS (Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System)
  • Session 3 - May- Composite Core Conductors
  • Session 4 - July - CRUX on Micropiles and Steel Pile Caps
  • Session 5 - September- EHV Cable Systems
  • Session 6 - November- Automated Aerial Patrol Markers

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