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Envu builds on legacy and takes the long view for the future of our environments

Oct. 6, 2022
Bayer Environmental Science is now Envu, a new vision that will focus on innovation, environmental health and a strong commitment to partnering with vegetation management customers.

When it comes to superior solutions, vegetation management professionals have trusted the products of Bayer Environmental Science for half a century. But as the world changes, so does our need to change when it comes to integrated vegetation management. So, Bayer Environmental Science has announced it is transitioning to its own stand-alone company known as Envu.

Pronounced “ehn-view,” the name is derived from “environment” and “vision,” which speaks to the new direction the company is heading. Tightening its focus on environment science exclusively, Envu plans to take the long view on researching and developing products that help ensure the future health and safety of our shared environments.

“The fact that our new company will be focused solely on environmental science will allow us to solve problems faster, smarter and more efficiently,” said Gilles Galliou, former president of the Environmental Science business at Bayer and current CEO of Envu. “The challenges we solve today will help ensure a healthy future for all is clearly in view,” Galliou continued.

“This isn’t just a name change or a rebrand,” said Mark Clodfelter, head of marketing — vegetation management. “We are launching a new vision for a company built on the strong foundation of vegetation management principles and products we developed at Bayer. But now that we’re devoting ourselves solely to environmental innovations, our customers can expect us to only get better and more focused on their needs.” 

Envu plans to work alongside vegetation management customers, bringing together diverse points of view and a vision beyond chemistry. They believe this attention will allow greater discoveries of new solutions and advancements in chemistry and beyond for long-term sustained health, safety and success of vegetation management professionals.

Now, that’s not to say that their popular herbicides are changing or going anywhere. You’ll still be able to find Esplanade® 200 SC herbicide, Method® 240SL herbicide, Derigo® herbicide, Escort® XP herbicide, Plainview® SC herbicide and more from your regular reps and retailers. They might just be under the new Envu logo.

Likewise, the majority of people who have been instrumental to the successes of Bayer Environmental Science are transitioning into their new roles at Envu. “A big component of Envu is our dedication to partnership with our reps, innovators, experts and vegetation management professionals,” said Clodfelter. “We’re in this as a team to make our world a healthier, safer place.”

“During this transition, I like to keep Envu’s goal statement in mind,” said Clodfelter. “Together we built a legacy, and now we’re building the future.”

You can learn more about Envu and its industrial vegetation management products and sign up for news here.

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