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AiDash launches 2021 Vegetation Management Best Practices for Electric Utilities

March 1, 2021
A leading satellite analytics company based in the San Francisco Bay Area has revealed how it is enabling Fortune 500 utility companies to save 20% of their vegetation management budgets while improving reliability indexes like SAIDI and SAIFI by 15%.

Vegetation management hasn't kept up with technology - and that needs to change. In 2021, during a period of declining budget, vegetation-related power outages are on the rise, along with contracting and arborist costs, impacting customer reliability negatively. Listen to the podcast.

To add to their woes, extreme weather events like storms, hurricanes and wildfires have posed new challenges, pushing utilities to look for innovative technologies that can transform their O&M activities. 

Remote monitoring and surveying of power lines from space are fast becoming the new normal, thanks to satellite and AI technologies. But do satellites generate as many actionable insights as drones and LiDAR technology? Can they help electric utilities save on vegetation management costs and improve their reliability indexes? 

To make vegetation management more cost-efficient and data-driven, AiDash has published an educational guide for vegetation management professionals about the latest technologies, like satellite analytics and remote sensing, that can immediately help them reduce vegetation-related customer interruptions. 

“At a time when drones and LiDAR have failed to yield results for our Fortune 500 clients, satellite analytics has helped them achieve a 20% reduction in O&M costs and a 15% improvement in reliability - with ROI justified in the first year itself. AiDash Intelligent Vegetation Management System (IVMS) is the world's only satellite-powered vegetation management system deployed at scale for large utilities,” said AiDash CEO and Co-Founder Abhishek Vinod Singh.Satellite and AI-powered models like Digital Elevation, Predictive Growth Rate and Super Resolution Models are already transforming the way many electric utilities exercise vegetation control around their Transmission & Distribution lines.Additionally, AiDash Intelligent Vegetation Management System (IVMS) is making vegetation management proactive and predictive - allowing vegetation management professionals to shift their programs from expensive, reactive approaches to a lower-cost preventative maintenance program.

Comparison between Satellites, Drones and LiDAR

The e-book also addresses how to prepare for disasters more robustly, enabling electric utilities to make the best-informed and highest-yielding decisions to harden their grids proactively before a weather event, thereby preventing interruptions from happening.

DOWNLOAD THE E-BOOK NOW to gain insights into the latest technologies and emerging best practices for vegetation management for electric utilities.

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