PSEG Long Island Uses Robotic Truck to Remove Danger Tree

April 7, 2019
PSEG Long Island assists with the removal of a dangerous tree with a robotic truck.

PSEG Long Island used a new technology to assist the Village of East Hampton with the safe removal of a large, nonviable tree in danger of falling on an electric transmission line and a nearby home. 

The village was informed one of its trees was compromised and threatening to fall on a nearby home. The village reached out to the PSEG Long Island Vegetation Management department to assist in the removal since the tree had grown around the high-voltage transmission line.

"Friday, we used new innovative technology to safely access the tree near the live transmission line," says John O' Connell, vice president, Transmission and Distribution, PSEG Long Island, which operates the Long Island Power Authority's transmission and distribution system. "We were pleased the village contacted us to help. This tree removal not only helps the village, but it also protects our equipment and provides a safe environment for nearby homes. PSEG Long Island is committed to providing our customers with excellent reliability and community service."

The ARS robotic truck allows PSEG Long Island to access the right-of-way and safely operate the truck without the human operator being close to energized power lines. The hydraulic boom is remotely operated and allows the operator to cut and grasp the limb being cut with greater control. In less than two minutes, an operator can move the grapple saw to the cutting position, make the cut and, with full control, place it at the landing zone for processing. The ability to operate remotely reduces the risk of stepping on and touching potential hazards because operators no longer need to remain near the unit during operation.

"The village thanks PSEG Long Island for their work in East Hampton," says Scott Fithian, East Hampton Village's superintendent of public works.

To see a video of the tree removal, click here or view it above the story. 

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