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The Vegetation Management Decision: A Briefing For Today’s Manager

Each day you make decisions that impact your organization. Some are simple ones you can make with a moment’s thought. Others require greater contemplation and research. As the world becomes more specialized and technical, your decisions may also become more complex and require information beyond your realm of experience.

Take environmental issues, for example. Today’s social, legal and economic influences have added layers of complexity, such as special-interest groups, corporate environmental liability, due diligence, budget constraints and downsizing.

Managing these challenges has become paramount in the direction a company takes with its business responsibilities, including vegetation management. Decisions surrounding vegetation management need to be based on the most accurate, up-to-date information possible

This briefing examines the issues facing vegetation management programs along rights-of-way, and offers an in-depth look at the latest scientific research and real-world examples – from Canada and elsewhere – that can provide a basis for informed decision-making in an increasingly challenging business environment. The need for vegetation management The need to control vegetation is a practical one, with the stress on need.

Companies need to manage unwanted weeds and brush to ensure the reliability of the valuable services they offer or perform....

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