UAA and T&D World: Having Fun and Making a Difference – Together

UAA and T&D World: Having Fun and Making a Difference – Together

It was ten years ago that Bob Bell with PG&E called to see if we would like to work together on a joint vegetation management initiative. Ten years ago that we saw the value of a joint effort to reach the decision makers in power delivery. Ten years ago when we realized that we were better together.

And Emily Saarela and I now routinely participate in the monthly call that Nelsen Money runs that feeds content into our joint supplement, our Vegetation Management Center of Excellence and the Utility Arborist Newsline. So we never miss an opportunity to look for good articles authored by UAA members to share with our readers.

Let’s take a quick look back. We’ve covered the need to have comprehensive vegetation management programs and the industry responded.  We focused on the value of laser surveying and the industry responded. And we’ve covered the value in the proper use of herbicides in addressing invasive species – and the industry is responding.

And we have brought so many vegetation management issues to the forefront so our utility executives can have the tools and insights to address them, whether the emerald ash borer, tree growth retardants or the right-tree-in-the-right-place.

What you might not recall is that content is provided by UAA members. That is right, the members have access to more than 36,000 readers in North America and an additional 12,000 readers around the world.

So if you are feeling an itch to write, or if one of your compatriots has a message they are dying to get out to a larger audience, contact Emily or me or one of your representatives on the editorial committee - and let’s see what we, the UAA and T&D World, can make happen when we work (and play) together.

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