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Bayer Announces New Supplemental Label for Method 240SL Herbicide

May 8, 2018
EPA has granted a supplemental label authorizing Method for individual plant treatment on ROW vegetation management sites transecting grazed areas

The EPA has granted a supplemental label authorizing Method 240SL herbicide from Bayer Crop Science for individual plant treatment (IPT) on rights of way (ROW) vegetation management sites transecting grazed areas.

“With the supplemental label, there will be no need to switch to a non-ACP brush control herbicide in ROWs transecting pasture and rangelands grazed by livestock,” said David Spak, Stewardship and Development Manager the Bayer Vegetation Management (VM) business.

The control of woody plant species within ROW areas is critical to maintain safe, reliable and accessible infrastructure for our nation’s roadsides and electrical, gas and water services. ROW areas include roadsides, electrical transmission and distribution lines and substations, oil and gas pipelines, and other essential infrastructure. Brush encroachment into ROWs can reduce roadside visibility, interfere with electrical power lines, create fire hazards, reduce drainage, and compromise fence integrity – posing a threat to human, animal and environmental safety.

VM applicators have been required to switch to a less-effective herbicide in ROW areas transecting grazed lands. The supplemental label granted by the EPA allows Method 240SLto be applied in those areas when using IPT techniques via high or low volume treatments. In addition to efficacy benefits, application frequency and cost can be reduced when applicators use Method 240SL, a key solution in the Bayer VM brush management portfolio.

Additionally, selective IPT applications (versus broadcast treatments) are proven to protect important wildlife habitat and encourage the development of native grasses and forbs.

Bayer is in the process of obtaining approval of the supplemental label from the states.

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