Hydraulic Long-Reach Pole Chain Saws

March 14, 2018
BURNDY has introduced the newly redesigned BURNDY HPS-LWMAG series of tools.

BURNDY has introduced the newly redesigned BURNDY HPS-LWMAG series of tools.

The HPS-LWMAG series of Hydraulic Long Reach Pole Chain Saws is available in two overall lengths; 75″ and 88″.  These new pole chain saws have been designed with weight reduction, increased balance, ergonomics, user comfort and performance in mind.

The pole saws can be operated from solid ground or from the safety of an aerial bucket.  They have been specially engineered to be used for general cutting, trimming and clearing of limbs and branches up to 13″ in diameter for right-of-way clearing, canopy trimming, and vegetation management, and clean up after storm damage .

Each chain saw features a 13″ lightweight OREGON bar with an anti-kickback, narrow kerf, .325″ pitch chain. The gear motor has a compact, yet powerful design, allowing for lighter weight and reduced size at the cutting end of the tool.

The 1.25″ diameter CHANCE® fiberglass extension tube features reinforced pole ends for additional strength, without compromising added weight and balance. The pole conforms to OSHA 1910 standards.

The HPS-LWMAG pole saws are equipped with a 2-stage safety trigger and guard, and also now feature an optimized limb hook and chip deflector for added operator safety and maneuverability.

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