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New York Power Authority Contracts for Vegetation Analysis

April 11, 2017
The project will require the use of remote sensing techniques.

The New York Power Authority has awarded a multi-year contract to NM Group to deliver a geospatial, engineering and vegetation analysis for power lines throughout the state. The project will require the use of remote sensing techniques, such as aerial LiDAR and imagery, to acquire yearly asset management information on the 1,400 mile transmission network.

When combined with NM Group’s proprietary analysis, the data collected will be used to calculate precise 3D measurements along the power lines as well as the ground topography and nearby vegetation. The project will assist NYPA in maintaining a safety, reliability and utilization across the network.

Nick Ferguson, Senior Vice President at NM Group, added, "NM Group has been deployed on transmission and distribution networks throughout the North East for the past decade and will be working closely with NYPA to share best practice and our cutting edge technologies to improve network reliability, safety and utilization."

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