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Terra Spectrum Technologies Partners with Surveylab to Bring ikeGPS to the Vegetation Management Market

Terra Spectrum Technologies, Inc. has partnered with Surveylab, based in the United States and Wellington, New Zealand, to provide the mobile GIS technology, ikeGPS, to the North American vegetation management market.

ikeGPS integrates a laser range finder, digital camera, GPS and 3D digital compass in a single handheld device to capture GPS locations of multiple remote targets from a single position and augment them with digital field notes, measurements, and verification images. ikeGPS can measure the heights and clearances of vegetation with ikeAnnotate software, which transforms high resolution photos into TrueSize images calibrated with onboard location and angle data.

ikeGPS will be offered as a standalone device as well as bundled with Terra Spectrum Technologies’ VMSuite software for vegetation management workflow. Specifically, data captured with the ikeGPS will sync with the PlannerVM workplanning application and database and InsightVMTM, a secure, web based customer portal. With VMSuite, data can be augmented with circuit identification, digital signatures, assessment and prescription, crew assignments, and even LIDAR datasets. Data rich work orders are then generated, and management can track crew progress and monitor system health with unparalleled efficiency.

Together, the technologies will transform field data capture and build a complete picture of vegetation, property and work within distribution, transmission and critical infrastructure protection systems. Wright Tree Service, Inc. and CN Utility Consulting, Inc., both sister companies of Terra Spectrum Technologies, will assist in bringing the ikeGPS to the industry as a value added technology solution.

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