Regulations & Standards

What it takes for utility vegetation managers to comply with state, county and municipal laws.


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Vegetation Management

Expert Insights: IVM Is Key to Biodiversity

Oct. 5, 2022
Backed by decades of environmental right-of-way research, the use of Integrated Vegetation Management strategies is gaining momentum throughout the industry.
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Vegetation Management

Ask the Expert: Opportunities in Utility Vegetation Management

Oct. 3, 2022
Lew Payne, ROW environmental manager with New York Power Authority, discusses the economic, environmental and social impact of different vegetation management strategies.
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Vegetation Management

Invasive Watch: Cottonwood

Sept. 6, 2022
Cottonwood trees may be attractive providers of shade, but their presence near utility sites poses a significant threat to utility infrastructure and wildfire mitigation.
Vegetation Management

10 Ways to Minimize the Effects of Herbicide Spray Drift and Volatility

Aug. 3, 2022
Follow these best practices for herbicide applications to optimize vegetation management results and avoid off-target control issues caused by herbicide volatility and spray drift...
Vegetation Management

Ask the Expert: Wildfire Mitigation

July 5, 2022
Four vegetation management experts discuss the support Integrated Vegetation Management strategies provide to utility companies and wildfire mitigation programs.


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Wildfire Risk Mitigation

Feb. 16, 2022
Learn about the tools and practices that minimize power equipment caused fires.
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Regulations & Standards

Tree Care Industry Association Renews Townsend Accreditation

Feb. 14, 2017
Accredited companies must re-apply every three years so that TCIA can verify that the company continues to meet the standards.
Utility vegetation managers treating this ROW must use herbicides with grazing tolerances to protect the livestock.
Regulations & Standards

Pasture Protection: Grazing Tolerances on Herbicides Protect Pastures

June 2, 2015
To protect livestock on rights-of-way, utility vegetation managers must be aware of the grazing tolerances on their herbicides.
UVM mandates
Connecticut Light & Power crews remove a tree resting on distribution lines following a storm in Greenwich, Connecticut.
Regulations & Standards

Higher Expectations Drive UVM Mandates

May 26, 2014
In response to extreme weather events, states are developing new rules to address levels of risk to and potential impact on system operations.