Look into existing utility's vegetation management programs; learn how to implement and change your own.


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Vegetation Management

Alabama Community College Trains the Future UVM Workforce

Dec. 20, 2021
With a new grant, Bevill State Community College has established a utility vegetation management training program.
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Vegetation Management

Ask the Expert: Opportunities in Utility Vegetation Management

Oct. 3, 2022
Lew Payne, ROW environmental manager with New York Power Authority, discusses the economic, environmental and social impact of different vegetation management strategies.
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Vegetation Management

Utility E-book Details Benefits of BMP for Vegetation Management

Sept. 2, 2022
Free to download, the digital resource details best management practices for protecting native plants, wildlife habitat, utility infrastructure and your bottom line.
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Vegetation Management

Benefits of IVM: Cost Efficiency

Sept. 1, 2022
When it comes to maximizing your ROI, beneficial results achieved through Integrated Vegetation Management show that selectivity is the key to success.
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Vegetation Management

Trees & Utilities Conference Tackles the Industry’s Tough Topics

Aug. 5, 2022
Carbon emissions and biodiversity management remain top of mind for many utility companies and their vegetation management partners.


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Wildfire Risk Mitigation

Feb. 16, 2022
Learn about the tools and practices that minimize power equipment caused fires.
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La Tuna Canyon Fire Prompts Evacuations in Burbank
Vegetation Management

Southern California Edison Files 2019 Wildfire Mitigation Plan

Feb. 20, 2019
The plan is intended to address and greatly reduce fire ignitions caused by utility infrastructure.
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United Cooperative Serves Members Through Vegetation Management

Jan. 9, 2019
One of the biggest influences on service reliability is something our members might not be aware of or even think about on a daily basis
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American Transmission Co. Introduces New Pollinator Planting Program

June 12, 2018
The Program provides funding for the purchase of seeds, plugs or plants that can be planted within a transmission line right-of-way
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SDG&E Receives EEI Edison Award For Enhancing Wildfire Preparedness

June 6, 2018
SDG&E's wildfire risk mitigation program has helped protect lives, homes and property from the threat of wildfire