New Equipment Expedites Tree Removal

Abler Tree Company invested in new equipment to save time during the tree trimming and removal process.

Abler Tree Company recently invested in tree trimming and removal equipment designed to trim, dismantle and remove trees and brush in a fraction of the time. Their new SENNEBOGEN 718E tree-handler can dismantle and stack acres of trees in only days, all while protecting the operator and not exposing other tree workers to the typical dangers involved in tree removal. 

Built for the urban environment, their new 718E tree-handler is able to easily navigate around buildings, roads and sensitive wetland areas to safely trim or dismantle trees posing a threat to people or property.

Abler Tree Company is a land clearing and grubbing, site preparation contractor that has the ability to work year-round throughout Wisconsin on projects ranging from road and highway construction to residential, commercial and subdivision development. The family owned and operated tree company has served the "Holyland" Wisconsin area for more than 20 years. With a wide range of equipment and tools, Abler Tree Company can handle large volume urban forestry projects. The company works with municipalities and other commercial customers needing right-of-way clearing, vegetation management services, land clearing and tree removal services. Visit for more information. 


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