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Crew Evaluation

Crew Evaluation, what is it? According to Webster, "crew" means a group of people working together, and "evaluation" means to find the value or amount of. By putting the two together, it now becomes, the value of a group of working people. In the line clearing industry, this is commonly achieved by taking the time spent trimming trees and dividing it by the number of trees trimmed, which gives us man-hours per tree trimmed. It is this figure and term that are commonly used to express the value of the crew.

But is this crew evaluation? Yes, if the contributions of management and supervision were factored out in figuring the value of the crew's contribution to the end product of trees trimmed.

To find crew evaluation, the system used should measure factors governed by the crew in determining their value toward the product, while excluding factors contributed to the product by other parts of the organization. If this is not accomplished by some means, the value expressed for the crew is some type of organizational evaluation expressed as the value obtained from one of the organizational components.

It was for this reason a system called CPPE was created to evaluate crews. It stands for Crew Performance Productivity and Effectiveness. In creating the system, it was necessary to identify the crew's work activities and code them for easy recording, and establish some standard time periods to complete certain types of work...

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