Herbicides: Not a Silver Bullet

Nov. 18, 2010
What can herbicides realistically deliver to right of way maintenance, and why? Where do herbicides offer the most benefit? Why the proper use of herbicides is self-limiting with a case study demontrating what metrics will prove it.Read more...

Over decades research has shown herbicides not only to be a cost effective brush control tool but in many circumstances a superior environmental choice to brush cutting. Too often, however, vegetation managers build unrealistic expectations about the durability of results based on constrained budgets necessitating a magic bullet or enthusiasm generated when assessing a first time herbicide application.

This article seeks to build an understanding of why herbicides provide effective brush control; what should be expected to occur on the right of way in the future; data verifying the expectations; and, the origins of economic gains. Discussion is restricted to right-of-way brush control...

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