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ACRT Services Announces Its 2024 Richard E. Abbott Safety Scholarship Recipients

March 25, 2024
ACRT services demonstrates their commitment to safety and the development of their employees is showcased through their organization’s $1,000 Richard E. Abbott Safety Scholarship

There’s nothing more important than sending people home safe at the end of each day.

Dedication to safe practices is a core value of ACRT services that is ingrained in their DNA and a nod to their founder Richard E. Abbott, who was instrumental in the development of the ANSI Z133 Tree Trimming Safety Standards through the American National Standards Institute — guidelines developed in response to incidents that occurred nationwide in the 1960s, and guidelines that have saved and protected countless lives since. His influence on safety set a precedent for their industry.

One way ACRT services demonstrates their commitment to safety and the development of their employees is showcased through their organization’s Richard E. Abbott Safety Scholarship — a $1,000 award that is granted annually to an employee who is seeking to further their career development and commitment to safety.

The 2024 Richard E. Abbott Safety Scholarship recipients are Krystee Van Den Bosch and Kayla Spratt.

Krystee Van Den Bosch, consulting utility forester, ACRT

As an ACRT Consulting Utility Forester, Krystee Van Den Bosch strives to put her team first.

She understands the risks and challenges faced when working remotely in the wilderness, leading her to apply for funding to put towards Wilderness First Aid Responders training.

Van Den Bosch shares that she plans to bring what she learns from the training back to her local team in Northern Florida and host safety tailboard sessions to share highlights — especially the pertinent information that relates to their day-to-day roles as foresters.

“I appreciate being selected as a scholarship recipient and respect the Abbott family and their contributions to the industry,” says Van Den Bosch.

Trevison Clark, a vegetation management supervisor at Withlacoochee River Electric Cooperative shared, “[Krystee’s] style of leadership and demeanor causes her peers to gravitate toward her for knowledge and guidance. Her desire for knowledge leads her to delve into all resources available, which has proven to benefit the entire team here.”

ACRT Operations Manager Lee Romanello also shared that Van Den Bosch does “a great job reinforcing the importance of our culture of safety to other employees while participating and engaging with other employees.”

Kayla Spratt, pre-inspection manager, ACRT Pacific

“I love helping people — it’s my favorite thing to do. I love putting smiles on people’s faces,” shares Kayla Spratt, a pre-inspection manager (PIM) at ACRT Pacific. “As a PIM, I’m able to mentor the vegetation management inspectors (VMIs) who I supervise. I have the opportunity to help them grow their career paths.”

Being of service to others is what inspired Spratt, who serves as the secretary for ACRT Pacific’s Safety Committee, to apply for funding to pursue a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Recertification course. Her way of helping others is through safety — whether it’s personally or professionally.

She notes, “Being on the Safety Committee isn’t about me. I’m a representative for my team. I care about people and that everyone gets home safely. People always ask the question, ‘Why do you work safely?’ My first thought always goes to friends and family. It’s always about people. It’s about our futures.”

M.K. Youngblood, ACRT Pacific safety manager and tribal liaison shared, “I have had the privilege of working alongside Kayla for two years, and her commitment to safety, leadership, and community service is truly exceptional. Her commitment to safety within ACRT Pacific is not only evident through her personal accomplishments but also through her numerous contributions as an Area Safety Representative (ASR).”

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