4 Key Benefits Provided by Digital Resource for Vegetation Managers

July 30, 2021
Learn how one educational resource is saving vegetation managers valuable time and effort by bringing the industry’s latest stories and trends to their digital doorstep.

It can be challenging for you as a vegetation management professional to stay on top of the latest products, trends and best practices impacting the industry. When you’re not in the field, you’re likely planning for the next treatment, communicating with customers and colleagues, or outlining program strategies for the year to come. Your time is valuable and often stretched thin. That’s why the Vistas® newsletter was created. Produced by Corteva Agriscience and free to all subscribers to review at their leisure, Vistas has covered strategies, trends and stories from across the vegetation management industry for more than 30 years. This educational resource currently provides four key benefits to utility vegetation management programs and professionals:

1. Environmental Insights

Vegetation managers across the country are successfully incorporating habitat management into their vegetation management programs. From successful management techniques and results in the field to findings produced by industry-leading right-of-way research studies, Vistas provides the environmental insights professionals need to ensure they’re using management strategies that support both electrical transmission reliability and the development of biodiverse ecosystems. 

2. Industry Best Practices

From supplemental control methods to holistic program execution, Vistas highlights industry best practices to improve everything from the optimum control of invasive species and seasonal management strategies to wildfire mitigation programs and more. In turn, professionals can apply these best practices to positively impact their programs and achieve desirable results in the field.

3. Application Success Stories

It’s one thing to talk about impactful strategies; it’s another to hear and see how their use has transformed vegetation management programs into well-oiled machines poised for sustainable success. That’s why Vistas spotlights practitioners using selective herbicide applications and integrated vegetation management (IVM) strategies to benefit rights-of-way, substation and forestry management programs across the country.

4. Advice From Vegetation Management Experts

When the proper control methods aren’t used in the field, it can be difficult for vegetation management professionals to achieve optimum results. The Ask the Expert column was added to Vistas this year to provide a platform from which vegetation management specialists and practitioners can share go-to management strategies that improve results for environmental and economic benefits. Click the links below to check out the two most recent installments:

As a one-stop shop for vegetation managers looking to stay on top of their game without having to take time away from work, each edition of Vistas is shared with thousands of subscribers across the country. No webinars or conferences just straightforward industry coverage that’s available anytime, anywhere. Explore the Vistas archive online to get a feel for the value it provides to vegetation management professionals working in an ever-evolving industry.

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