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Digital Training Resources for Time-strapped Vegetation Managers

July 2, 2021
Two digital resources are helping vegetation managers improve results in the field and public communications. Learn how their accessibility can save you time and keep you up to date.

Vegetation managers are some of the busiest professionals in the utility industry. With electrical transmission lines and pipeline rights-of-way weaving for hundreds of thousands of miles throughout the United States, controlling incompatible vegetation in and around these areas requires time and effort. From site assessments and product selections to right-of-way maintenance and landowner communications, it can be difficult to keep up with all aspects of an ever-changing industry. Luckily, two new digital resources are available to help practitioners manage both their land and time effectively. These resources are available anytime and anywhere to provide valuable insights for vegetation managers looking to improve the reliability of utility service, environmental stewardship, and communications with landowners or land entities.

Self-guided Digital Trainings: From Techniques to Tank-mixing

The needs of utility vegetation managers drive innovation throughout the industry. To help today’s professionals conquer their biggest challenges, Corteva Agriscience launched Vegetation Education, an online resource filled with self-guided digital trainings, product-related resources, application success stories and a management portfolio guide. Additional materials include:

  •  Recommended management strategies and techniques
  •  How-to instructional videos
  •  Discussions with industry experts
  •  Access to local vegetation management specialists
  •  Information on herbicide products and best practices
  •  Tank-mixing guidance

As the world of vegetation management continues to evolve, Vegetation Education provides the insights and industry updates needed to ensure success in the field. Click here to explore.

A Guide to Improve Landowner Communications

Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) strategies featuring selective herbicides are proven to provide multiple benefits in and around utility right-of-way corridors, including enhanced electrical transmission reliability, wildlife mitigation improvements and environmental support for the development of beneficial wildlife habitat. Communicating these benefits to the general public can increase compliance, reduce complaints and improve productivity. That’s why Corteva developed Notify Your Neighbor, a resource guide containing valuable tools for vegetation management professionals looking to prepare for effective conversations with landowners.

Notify Your Neighbor contains five key sections that dive into important topics and provide additional resources, like instructional videos and informative brochures, to help vegetation managers prepare for public communications on their own time. These key sections include:

  • Notification programs and information on IVM perception
  • Communications skills, including two communications techniques
  • Public interaction best practices and audience awareness tips
  • Key messages to promote herbicide safety and the benefits of vegetation management
  • Habitat benefits generated by properly maintained rights-of-way

Corteva also has compiled additional resource materials into one location to help industry professionals easily print or share everything from the program’s resource guide and pocket resource cards to instructional videos and answers to questions frequently asked by homeowners. Visit the online platform to learn more.

Additional information on Corteva and its expanding portfolio of herbicide products can be found online at

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