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Environmental Considerations for Utility Vegetation Management

March 1, 2021
Watch as Carolyn Mahan, PhD, professor of biology and environmental studies with Penn State University, discusses how the State Game Lands 33 Research Project has provided decades of groundbreaking rights-of-way research.

The State Game Lands 33 (SGL 33) Research Project got its start when hunters were concerned about the compatibility of utility rights-of-way and native game species. Today, SGL 33 provides decades of data that addresses a variety of ecological issues, including the effects different herbicides have on plants and animals, comparisons between mechanical and chemical control methods, and the ways in which habitats change over time. 

Inspecting the impact of right-of-way management methods has allowed researchers to identify best strategies for enhancing electrical transmission reliability while supporting the development of biodiverse habitat for various wildlife species, including native plants, insects and pollinators. Discover how this research has positioned the use of Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) strategies featuring selective herbicides as the preferred solution for utility vegetation management professionals at HabitatWithHerbicides.com.  
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