Why Satellite Data Is Valuable for Vegetation Management

Feb. 3, 2021
This video discusses maximizing the value of satellite data and AI for utility vegetation management.

Indra DenBakker, CEO, Overstory

Indra has a background in Computational Intelligence. As CEO of Overstory his goal is helping utilities to leverage advancements in deep learning, satellite data and sensor fusion for vegetation strategy. Indra is the author of ‘Python Deep Learning Cookbook’ and previously mentor at Udacity’s Deep Learning Nanodegree. Indra is on a mission to enable better decision making about our planet by leveraging advancements in AI and satellite technology.    

Killian Tobin, Head of Business Development, Overstory

Killian is Head of Business Development at Overstory. He brings to Overstory over 20 years of experience with infrastructure planning, modeling, and software sales. He is the former Director of Business Development for Uptake, worked with Oracle, and was recently the CEO and co-founder of Omega Grid.    

This video was sponsored by Overstory as part of the T&D World Wildfire & Risk Mitigation Conference in December 2020. 

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