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Fecon Introduces Stumpex CUL for Compact Utility Loaders

Nov. 22, 2020
The slow-speed, high-torque cutting attachment can help arborists to remove stumps.

Fecon introduces the Stumpex CUL stump grinder designed specifically for Compact Utility Loaders.  This new slow speed, high torque cutting attachment mounts to Compact Utility Loaders with 10-20 GPM of hydraulic flow, and 2,000 to 3,000 PSI. 

Its open frame facilitates material flow, while a powerful robust drive generates up to 4,000 ft. lbs of torque to tackle any species of wood.  The durable 340-pound attachment provides a long service life, even in rocky conditions.  The Stumpex CUL removes stumps from 4 to 11-inches with a single plunge, and stumps greater than 11 inches with multiple plunges. Its slow speed ensures a safer work environment with faster clean-up.  It is suitable for property managers/landowners, farmers, landscapers, tree service companies/arborists, municipalities, parks and recreational facilities, rental facilities, and others seeking to safely remove stumps using a Compact Utility Loader.

A hardened auger cone ensures positive draw into the stump, while stepped blades of ½ in. thick durable AR500 material rotate at slow speeds which is far safer than conventional stumpers. 

The low rpm auger bit leads to easy work site clean-up without flying debris that is inherent with conventional stumpers.  There are no carbide tips to replace, and no flying projectiles, making the Stumpex CUL a safer, low-maintenance approach to stump removal, according to the company. 

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