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Clearion Announces Major Upgrade of Next-Gen Field App

Oct. 26, 2020
With this latest release, Clearion now offers a single cross-platform application for all field worker roles.

Clearion Software announced the latest release of its next-generation field software. This marks a major milestone in the company’s redesign of its entire product suite that began earlier this year with the release of the popular cross-platform Clearion Crew app.

The latest release of Clearion field software provides functionality for arborists, inspectors, designers, planners, and auditors to build and manage detailed work plans and seamlessly communicate with crews. The software also extends data creation tools to contractor crews and field supervisors to enable new use cases for Clearion customers. Like the earlier release of Clearion Crew, the new product is supported across all mobile platforms with a fast and easy app-store deployment for iOS, Android, and Windows.

With this latest release, Clearion now offers a single cross-platform application for all field worker roles. To provide the wide range of data access and data management tools needed to support complex construction and maintenance workflows, the app automatically changes based on easily administered user roles. The new app delivers geospatial data creation tools, intelligent forms, a data automation engine, and other user-centric features that ensure inspections, work planning, and auditing are fast and accurate.

The new Clearion field app seamlessly integrates with the Clearion work management module and leverages the latest enterprise technology from Esri—ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise with their respective Portal environments.

Clearion allows both online and offline modes with on-demand local data storage that can be controlled by the end user, eliminating the time-consuming step of deploying large background data files to all users or the need for labor-intensive back office processes. The app also features a fully re-designed sync technology for offline users and introduces real-time server communication for planners and auditors when mobile connectivity is available.

Chris Kelly, Clearion Co-Founder and CEO, says, “This product release fulfills our long-held vision for our field applications and marks a major milestone in our overall product strategy. Now our customers have the freedom to choose their hardware platform or pass along that choice to their contractor workforce with a BYOD model. In addition to greater efficiency in the deployment and maintenance of the field apps, our customers will benefit from dramatic user interface improvements that will speed adoption and improve the outcomes of critically important infrastructure work.”

The new version of Clearion is available for download in all major app stores. For more information or to arrange a demo, email [email protected].

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