Damon Palmer

Enhancing Stewardship & Sustainability

July 31, 2020
Watch as partners of the State Game Lands 33 research project highlight the benefits and results that 60-plus years of groundbreaking right-of-way research has provided to the vegetation management industry.

Ensuring electrical transmission safety is just one of the benefits successful utility vegetation management programs provide. But for a number of researchers working on utility rights-of-way just outside of State College, Pennsylvania, the environmental impact of vegetation management strategies is also a primary focus.

Since its inception in 1952, the State Game Lands 33 research project has established best management principles for utility rights-of-way, including Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) strategies using selective herbicide applications. As a long-time partner of this research, Corteva Agriscience encourages industry professionals to learn more about successful herbicide programs and management techniques that can enhance beneficial wildlife habitat by visiting HabitatWithHerbicides.com.
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