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Clearion Provides Update on Technology and COVID-19

April 14, 2020
Chris Kelly, founder and CEO, shares a story of how his company helped a New Zealand power supplier to go digital with its vegetation management program.

In our last technology briefing, we shared how Clearion is using online collaboration technologies that allow our staff to safely work remotely and support our customers during this unique time of COVID-19. We’re staying in close contact with our customers across the globe and today are able to share a story from the front line in New Zealand. 

WEL Networks, a power supplier in New Zealand service around 80,000 customers, recently went digital with their vegetation management program. Now they are operating under strict social distancing rules, and utility employees are encouraged to work from home as much as possible. Digital work planning and dispatching allow the vegetation management team to stay productive without the risk of person-to-person contact previously required with their paper-based processes. 

 “Clearion has helped our Vegetation Management Department stay operational with little interruption. We got Clearion just at the right time,” says Holley Goddard of WEL Networks. “Now that we have a paperless business process, I can easily work from home to dispatch crews through Clearion. The crews can receive the work, complete it then sync it back to me.”

 Paper-based systems and processes are proving to be especially challenging during self-isolation and social distancing under COVID-19. Goddard added, “Our team is able to avoid the logistical challenges faced by other departments that are still on paper and are limited in going to the office to get their work and then turning it in when it's done.”

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