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Improve Your Utility Arboricultural Knowledge With ISA

March 23, 2020
ISA offers a variety of educational resources and materials including the new BMP-Utility Risk Assessment.
ISA offers a variety of educational materials to help utility arborists expand their knowledge in arboriculture. The products include a study guide and several books from ISA’s Best Management Practices (BMP) series. ISA introduces its most recent release: BMP-Utility Tree Risk Assessment.

This resource can assist utility arborists in enhancing their risk assessment skills by helping increase their ability to accurately and consistently assess tree-related risk to overhead electric utility infrastructure. This is an excellent resource for utility personnel, utility vegetation managers, utility tree risk assessors, and line clearance contractors.

Additionally, ISA offers other educational resources, including Utility Arboriculture: The Utility Specialist Certification Study Guide, which is an excellent resource for all professionals in the field of utility arboriculture; BMP-Integrated Vegetation Management for the selection and application of methods and techniques for vegetation control for electric right-of-way projects and gas pipeline rights-of-way; and BMP-Utility Pruning of Trees, which describes current best practices in utility tree pruning based on scientific research and proven methodology for the safe and reliable delivery of utility services, while preventing unnecessary injury to trees to the greatest extent possible.

All of these publications, along with many more resources, are available at  

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