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Eversource Invests $41 Million in Tree Trimming Across Massachusetts

March 10, 2020
Work is scheduled along more than 2,700 miles of electric distribution lines.

As the ongoing crisis of dead, dying and hazardous trees continues to plague communities across Massachusetts and threaten electric reliability, Eversource is investing more than $41 million in tree trimming and tree removal in 2020. The energy company’s comprehensive tree maintenance program is underway along roads in several communities around the state in an effort to fortify the electric distribution system and enhance reliability for customers. 

“With the weakened state of impacted trees throughout Massachusetts due to ongoing infestations by the gypsy moth and emerald ash borer, trimming and removing hazardous trees is vital,” said Eversource Vegetation Management Manager Paul Sellers. “Our certified arborists are experts at identifying compromised trees that threaten the electric system and they work closely with community leaders to carefully balance the aesthetics of neighborhoods and the need for reliable power for customers.” 

As part of its comprehensive vegetation management plan for 2020, Eversource will be trimming trees along more than 2,700 miles of overhead distribution lines around the state. Among the 84 Eastern Massachusetts communities where tree trimming will be performed this year, some of the most extensive work is scheduled to be done in Barnstable along nearly 154 miles of town streets. Trees will also be trimmed along 117 miles of roads in Plymouth, 47 miles in Lexington, and 44 miles in Waltham. Other communities where tree work will be completed include Edgartown, Watertown, Sudbury, and throughout the City of Boston.

Eversource notifies customers in advance if work is necessary on their property.  In addition to the work Eversource crews do along roadways to minimize the effects of trees on electric reliability, the energy company reminds customers that homeowners are responsible for tree maintenance on their own property. That includes keeping branches away from the lower-voltage service wires connecting their homes and businesses to the main utility lines on the street. Eversource strongly recommends contacting a professional tree service to perform this work.

For details on the company’s comprehensive vegetation management program, visit Eversource.com.  Click here to learn more about Eversource’s tree trimming program.

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