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AAA Tree Service Addresses Weather-Related Tree Hazards in New York

Feb. 24, 2020
The company offers tree removal and pruning services in the wake of extreme wind conditions and severe weather.

When severe winds wreaked havoc in Long Island and New York City in early February, AAA TREE Service NY Corp has announced it would continue to offer tree pruning and tree removal services. The company's tree crews can handle any emergency tree removals, trimming and preventive tree pruning.

This year's high-speed winds have brought windstorms, heavy rain, hail and flying debris, causing damages to property and putting Long Island residents in danger. The bad weather can uproot trees that come crashing onto power lines, houses, garages and cars, thus posing a serious health and safety hazard that can kill or severely injure people.

"Regardless of the tree size, species, and for how long they've been planted, all trees are at risk of toppling over. All it takes is a strong gust of wind," says Mr. John Ruise, manager at AAA Tree Service.

Fortunately, there are early danger signs to help identify a weak or damaged tree that would not withstand strong winds.  These include cracks in the tree or in the soil near the base of the tree or another visual clue, the tree may start leaning.

By regularly pruning and trimming trees, the risk of powerful winds uprooting them is greatly reduced, thus ensuring the long-term wellbeing of the community and the environment.

However, because of the notoriously bad weather in Long Island, residents must protect their safety and property by calling a professional tree service contractor to inspect their trees before or after winter storms.       

AAA Service NY Corp uses breaks in the weather to carry out tree pruning services, and if necessary, tree removals in a bid to prevent trees from becoming dangerous trees that require emergency removal.      

"This time of year, our worry is the exposure to the weather and the damages strong winds can cause to public and private properties. That's why we continue to offer our tree services in the winter.  Not only does our effort meet our company's core values towards customer service, but it ensures the safety of Long Island residents," concluded Ruise.

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