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How Vegetation Managers Can Find and Mitigate Encroachments

April 1, 2018
When does a tree go from something beautiful to something dangerous?

Vegetation managers know that trees pose a hazard to electrical transmission lines. Monitoring that risk on a regular basis, however, can be costly and time-consuming. Sometimes, utility companies don’t even know that a tree can cause problems until it’s too late.

Electric utilities can’t simply wait for an outage or fire to occur. They need real-world views of energy corridors that take the guesswork out of vegetation management. That’s why EagleView has introduced TreeRisk™.

What is TreeRisk?

TreeRisk from EagleView helps vegetation managers pinpoint encroachments and risks and confidently take action to mitigate them.

Through TreeRisk’s precision imagery, and complete datasets, users can view and utilize highly accurate maps. Using TreeRisk, utilities can reduce field time and significantly decrease mitigation expenses.

What are the features of TreeRisk?

TreeRisk enables vegetation managers to visualize encroachments along utility lines—including vegetation height above ground—using photorealistic oblique and orthogonal aerial imagery.

TreeRisk includes a PDF mapbook that can be referenced in the office or the field. Vegetation managers can review the dataset and mapbook included with TreeRisk to view potential proximity clearance and overstrike issues and know when to schedule field crews for mitigation.

Reference the TreeRisk Mapbook in the office or in the field to view potential proximity clearance and overstrike issues, and to schedule field crews for mitigation

Users can import the imagery and 3D point cloud data included with TreeRisk into vegetation management systems. With TreeRisk Complete, they can also integrate utility GIS content and/or CAD line drawings to rank areas of greatest risk and prioritize mitigation.

Why use TreeRisk?

Why should vegetation managers consider using TreeRisk?

  • A realistic perspective: The imagery, data, and 3D point cloud model included with TreeRisk enable vegetation managers to see corridors as they actually exist.
  • Improved threat and overgrowth detection: With a realistic view of a corridor, utilities can enhance their risk assessment and mitigation to avoid regulatory fines and lost revenue.
  • Greater cost-efficiency: TreeRisk is a cost-effective solution that includes fewer up-front costs than other solutions, which often require subject matter expertise to use.
  • Seamless workflow: Utilities of all sizes can seamlessly integrate TreeRisk into their existing vegetation management, GIS, and CAD systems.

Vegetation managers need to be proactive with “problem areas” along corridors. With TreeRisk, electric utilities receive the best view and a clear path to answers.

Want to learn more? Download a sample of the TreeRisk mapbook or email [email protected] to request a demo.

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