KB International SlurrySMARTTechnology Improves Production

Aug. 9, 2013
KB International develops an all-in-one, polymer drilling fluid called SlurrySMART.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (Aug. 7, 2013) — To meet the challenges of today's foundation excavation, KB International, an industry-leading polymer supplier, has developed SlurrySMART. SlurrySMART is an all-in-one, polymer drilling fluid designed specifically to make construction projects less complicated.

SlurrySMART’s ease of use is due to its all-in-one-package design, eliminating the need to mix multiple additives. Useful in foundation construction, alluvial explorations, geothermal drilling, oil and gas drilling and tunneling, SlurrySMART ensures sidewall stabilization and fluid loss control during excavation. It works by penetrating into permeable soil formations to function as a stabilizer and greatly increase the strength of low-cohesion soils.

“SlurrySMART is a revolutionary, single-bag product that provides simpler slurry make up, improved production rates and hole stability,” said Ken Goodhue, partner at KB International.

KB's SMART (Self Modifying Applied Response Technology) polymers react to field conditions and perform where, when and as needed, based on system demands. With the introduction of KB's SMART technology, significant advancements in slurry quality control, worker safety and application performance have been achieved.

Among other functions, SlurrySMART has the ability to:

·Increase excavation productivity and profitability

  • Reduce concrete defects and consumption

·Increase soil-to-concrete and concrete-to-rebar bonding strengths

·Reduce construction site congestion

·Reduce transportation costs

·Reduce slurry mixing time

·Reduce project cleanup time and disposal costs of excavated spoils

Ideal for remote locations, on-site handling and storage of SlurrySMART is greatly simplified and plant setup is minimal. After only minutes of hydration, the solution is ready to transfer to the excavation or storage, with no pH adjustment necessary under most conditions. SlurrySMART is environmentally friendly, can be easily broken down and under normal drilling conditions is never discarded but reused throughout the length of the project.

About KB International

KB Internationalis the world leaderin the development ofpolymer systems for the construction of deep earth excavations, such as diaphragm walls, bored piles and drilled shafts. KB’s productsand technology also extend to many other specialty applications within the geo-construction marketplace. The company’s innovative technologies have been utilized throughout North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa. For more information about SlurrySMART or KB International, please visit www.kbtech.com.

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