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Sept. 12, 2011
We have been working hard at T&D World to incorporate videos into the web site.

We have been working hard at T&D World to incorporate videos into the web site. I’ll give you some links in just a moment but first I need to do a shout out about how were going to use this new capability.

We are introducing “Goose the Moose.” What in the world is “Goose the Moose” beyond a play on the editor’s name and Canadian location? It’s where you the readers can direct utility vegetation management questions to me, which I will answer via a video response.

Maybe you have a burning question that has kept you up at night. Maybe it’s just a question that you’ve always wondered about. Well go to http://tdworld.com/vegetationmanagement/goose-the-moose/ for information on how to “Goose the Moose”.

As an enticement, if you stump or stun the Moose with the brilliance of your question, you’ll receive a “Goose the Moose” tee shirt.

We are in the process of building a video library for T & D World. Here are the links to videos that are related to vegetation management.

For videos about vegetation management:

These are videos that show some good tree work; a lot of videos that show what can go wrong when doing tree work, and what happens when amateurs decide to apply their ingenuity. For those of you in the business you’ll be amazed at the level of stupi… er, ingenuity and that someone actually videotaped such folly.

If you are a utility arborist that needs to explain to the public why you do what you do, you’ll find videos here that should communicate it quite clearly. I have to warn you about some of the language that escapes the videographers when a fault occurs especially when the system protection is set for triple-shot.

This is where the “Goose the Moose” responses are housed and a video that will have you questioning the advisability of conversing with a moose.

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